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The incredible waters of the Caribbean may be what draw us in first. The food may capture us second. Jamaica has Reggae, Trinidad has Carnival, Kafe Kalik takes its festivities from The Bahamas' Junkanoo celebration. But experiencing Junkanoo is what we’re really looking for when we head to the Bahamas. Start with the anticipation of what is to come – the distant rumbling of the melodious beat of the drum – the “riddim” of the drum; then followed by the burst of colour as the costumes appear; culminating in the unparallel excitement of the dancers, musicians, costumes in full swing.

A centuries old celebration that arose from the Bahamian slave population, Junkanoo is a joyous occasion. Participants created instruments out of simple things like cow bells and goat skins. They created masks and elaborate head dresses and would spend the entire singing, dancing and playing music in a festival that is uniquely Bahamian. Originally Junkanoo was a single day of freedom. Today it is an annual expression of what it means to be Bahamian and it is celebrated by all of the islands.

The newest Junkanoo celebration comes alive every day through Kafé Kalik Royale. Kafé Kalik Royale blends the rustic, native feel of the Caribbean with the upscale comforts of full service dining. Just past the icons lies a two hour vacation. The vibrant colors of Junkanoo are softened slightly, lending an air of sophistication to the ambiance. There is an open breezy feel, just as you would expect from The Caribbean, and you can spot the work of Caribbean artists all through the property just as you would in the streets of Nassau.

Junkanoo can be regarded as one of the most singularly unifying aspects of Bahamian culture and it is that taste of freedom that Kafe Kalik promises to deliver to each guest that walks through the doors.



Kafe Kalik provides its customers with exceptional Caribbean enjoyment featuring various musicians and entertainers from the Caribbean. Kafe Kalik presents live performances representative of the Junkanoo festival and numerous native acts. Our guests are welcome to participate in the infrequent and sporadic limbo and musical performances and ring play dances. They can experience the live music of the steel drums and exhibitions of fire dancing along with the lively culture, freedom and festivities of the celebration.

  • A group of colorful costumed dancers beating goatskin drums, shaking cowbells and blowing whistles.
  • Fire up the evening…
  • Providing island music that encompasses the Caribbean–soca, reggae, calypso and more…Let your group join in the fun with a professional limbo dancer.
  • Let your group join in the fun with a professional limbo dancer.

Kafe Kalik is designed to reflect the culture, freedom and uplifting atmosphere of the Caribbean. Entertainment is incorporated into the design of the facility that reflects the oceans to the colors and fixtures that incorporate the history of the islands to the live entertainment and decorations that display the annual celebration of Junkanoo. Entertainment is the cohesive aspect that merges the structural, theme concept and all other components of Kafe Kalik together and captures the customer upon their first arrival and remains with them until they return again.

Let Kafe Kalik be the venue of choice for your next corporate event or private party. From the smallest intimate affair, corporate function or a tropical themed Junkanoo party, Kafe Kalik can be the backdrop of an unforgettable special event!