As the popularity of the Caribbean continues to grow at an exponential rate more people look for the entertaining sights and sounds of the Caribbean and the capability to experience the native foods, drinks and culture.

Surely you’ve had the moment at least once...

You’re sitting in your office cubicle staring at your computer screen when your mind instead starts to drift towards the Caribbean. You envision sparkling blue waters of seemingly endless depths, colorful fish darting in and out of pink coral, white sand beaches and platters of fresh seafood and festive tropical drinks. Your office cubicle daydream has given you a taste of freedom.

Soft lighting, natural wood elements, glass tile and comfortable fabrics accent the restaurants festive colors and tropical feel. Walk through the dining room to The Well, and you find you’ve entered a truly tropical bar, relaxing, inviting, and a little exotic through the use of Caribbean inspired wood carvings along the base of the bar.


Mission Statement

“The concept of Kafe Kalik was conceived 17 years ago and the first operation opened in 2004 at the Grand Bahama International Airport. Our Mission is to develop, manage and operate a Caribbean Restaurant concept, offering the experience of the native culture to include foods, drinks and cultural entertainment that replicates the charm and friendliness typical of the Caribbean.”